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The Pirin Mountain

Pirin is the second highest mountain in Bulgaria after the Rila Mountain, situated in the south-western parts of the Rila-Rhodopian mountain range. Visitors to Pirin can enjoy a stunning landscape of magnificent alpine peaks and glacier circuses with more than 180 beautiful lakes. Due to the amazing natural formations and the rich diversity of the flora and fauna in Pirin, nearly the whole territory of the mountain is included in The Pirin National Park and is under the protection of UNESCO. The highest peak in Pirin, Vihren, is accessible from the chalets of Vihren and Banderitsa, situated at its foot. Only about one third of the territory of Pirin is covered by pine-tree forests. Lower alpine vegetation is typical for the higher parts of the mountain. Many animal and plant species are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria and in the World list of endangered species. The wolf, the brown bear, the wild cat, the wild goat, the imperial eagle are among the animals threatened with extinction and protected by the law. The beautiful wild flower edelweiss, which grows in the most inaccessible crags and ledges of Pirin, is the symbol of the mountain.

Ski holiday in Bansko

Bansko is a well-known winter resort nestling in the northeastern slopes of the Pirin Mountain. Despite the intensive development of the resort as a destination for winter sports, Bansko has managed to preserve its authentic National Revival atmosphere. Besides the perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding, Bansko offers a wide selection of hotels and aparthotels where you will find comfortable accommodation for your stay. You will be met with warm hospitability in the numerous taverns and restaurants in Bansko where you can try delicious local specialties. Sandanski is a well-known spa resort in the Pirin Mountain, offering excellent conditions for a spa holiday and balneological treatment of various diseases.

Melnik and the Rojen Monastrey

The museum-town of Melnik, situated on the southwestern slopes of Pirin, is the smallest town in Bulgaria. Nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian settlements, with centuries of history. Its houses are picturesquely perching on the slopes of the mountain, among the whimsical shapes of the Melnik’s sand pyramids. The sand pyramids are a one-of-its-kind natural formation created for thousands of years by erosion and winds. The town of Melnik is most well-known for its long traditions in wine production. Numerous wine-cellars have been dug into the sand pyramids where the famous Melnik wine ages for years. The Rhojen Monastery, situated in close proximity to Melnik, is a medieval monastery with remarkable architectural design. It is most popular with the unique complicated wood-carving decoration, depicting scenes from the Bible, and the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary.